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Why Women Love View Swim V820A Selene Goggles

Selene goggles are recognised for not leaving a lot of marks after wearing them.

In a questionnaire at the time of development, many people spoke of “persistent marks after wearing goggles".

To cater to this need, VIEW came up with a "super soft material" and "firm material" that fit gently on the skin using a new manufacturing method. We also decided to use a face pad that is one size larger than conventional products to reduce pressure when wearing the goggles, and in doing so reduce any marks.

These innovations led to a new product that allows women to look their best with their goggles both on, and off.

And this time, the development staff made use of the characteristics of the new manufacturing method, and imposed exquisite lamé for the balance of transparency and glossiness on the frame part which does not touch the skin directly.

View Swim V820A Selene Adult Goggle


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