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Goggles for Toddlers and Goggles Children are Not the Same Thing

View Swim V421A Guppy Infant Goggle

Goggles play a critical role in helping your toddler start their swimming journey and gain confidence in the water.

The face of a toddler compared to a child is significantly smaller, and consequently, the way a goggle fits on your toddlers face determines the level of comfort and enjoyment whilst in the water.

The View Swim V421A Guppy Toddler Goggles have super soft lens cups for delicate faces to reduce movement of the face pad, creating a structure with minimal water entry which moulds to the shape of little faces, preventing rubbing against your toddlers’ delicate skin.

The vivid colours and fishy design makes the V421A Guppy Toddler Goggles child friendly, helping to ease the tension when entering the water.

Comfort is a top priority when choosing your toddlers goggles ensuring it is easy to put on and take off as well as adjust. With this in mind, the V421A Guppy Toddler Goggle straps are made using pliable material that stretches with little force. What’s more, the thickness and width has been adjusted for each section, allowing for a gentle fit with minimal pressure.

The goggles are super anti fog and made with hypo-allergenic material so rest assured, you and your toddler can focus on having a great time in the water!

 View Swim V421A Guppy Toddler Goggle

View Swim V421A Guppy Toddler Goggle

Available in blue and pink colours.

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