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Is Your Child Learning to Swim?

Imprex Junior Goggle Learn to Swim V-400JA

Then you appreciate the importance of owning a good pair of goggles. Swimming goggles play an essential role in protecting your child’s eyes from the chlorinated water as well as giving them confidence to put their face underwater.

Wearing a high quality pair of goggles will ensure the goggles are easy to put on and take off, sit snug against the face and no water seeps through so that your child can enjoy their time in the pool.  The tinted lenses of the goggles play an important part in protecting your child’s eyes from the bright lights in the pool which can cause fatigue.

We Recommend:

View Swim V-400JA Imprex Junior Goggle
Ages 4-10

Ideal for children learning to swim. The nose bridge is flexible meaning the goggle sits comfortably on all face shapes. With E-Z strap adjustments, fitting these swimming goggles is simple and swift. The straps elasticity allows for a snug fit. Large eye pads are fitted to keep the V-400JA as comfortable as possible. The Imprex Junior takes on five exciting colours

Special Offer:

Buy either the BGR (Blue/Green) or the GBL (Green/Blue) goggle and receive 1 (Green/Blue) GBL or BGR (Blue/Green) for free. Please add colour choice to comments during checkout. 

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